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Problem with Module Management Tool

Question asked by ruizja on Feb 21, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2008 by jharrop
I'm trying to install the SDK Basic Amp example with the mmt tool, but I have a small problem  :roll: :

a) I generate the AMP file with: ant -f build.xml
b) I execute: java -jar alfresco-mmt.jar install alfresco-sdk-custom-service.amp alfresco.war -verbose

Then, this is the result:

Installing AMP 'alfresco-sdk-custom-service.amp' into WAR 'alfresco.war'
WAR has been backed up to 'alfresco.war-1203616621417.bak'
No file has been found in the installing .amp file 'alfresco-s

I have to modify the build.xml?

Thanks anyway,