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Lucene search slowly when more than 20 thousands folder

Question asked by ryanchen on Feb 22, 2008
In our application, we only need to search the folder, but when we use the PATH to search the folder, I find that it is very slow when there are more than 20 thousands folder.

I user this to search all the folders.
(TYPE:"cms:content") AND (PATH:"/app:company_home/app:CMS//*")
CMS is the folder defind by ourself. cms:content is the a cm:folder.
But it needs more than 1 minute and the result amount is always 101. (We set the maxiumum to 1000)

Only the PATH search has this problem, the metadata search is very fast. Such as @cm\:titile* search fast.

Do you know how to reduce the PATH search time? Thank you very much.