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Replication problem - Auto node generation on client boot

Question asked by johnwalsh on Feb 22, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by johnwalsh

I've got replication working between two systems. When the slave system starts up, it creates new entries in the alf_node table as well as a new bin file in the data/live/contentstore/date directory. That slave-created entry in the alf_node table causes MySQL errors when the next node is created in the master, because that master replicated node uses an ID already used in the slave (for the automatically created node), so replication fails.

Why is a node automatically created at boot time? Hopefully there's a simple configuration that I can correct to prevent that.

I have auditing turned on on the master. I already found that same type of collision problem if I have auditing turned on on the slave, so I have disabled auditing on the slave.