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Active Directory configuration with 2.9

Question asked by daniele001 on Feb 22, 2008
I'm testing the new Alfresco 2.9 and before all I'm trying to find to connect it to my AD.
I'm working fine with 2.1 community with AD like security provider.
I tried to apply the customizations done for the 2.1 to the 2.9 and this fails.
OK' I went into the new "splitted" files for the NTLM configuration and I'm able now to authenticate from the UI correctly.

Where I'm struggling is the CIFS configuration and the FTP.
I've modified file-servers.xml and this allow me to have a working FTP server, wile at starttup time CIFS give me errors.

CIFS says: No valid CIFS authentication combination available.
this makes sense because I've no Kerberos and I use simple authentication.

Now the request, where I can find any documentation how to setup this configuration?
file-servers.xml for CIFS  has now tags <authenticator type=enterprise> and  FTP has a tag <authenticator type=alfresco>

How I can fix my issue? this new tags are new in this release…

Kind regards