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Extremely inefficient ACP import

Question asked by mcmagnus on May 4, 2009

I've been struggling with trying to transfer data from one installation to another. The data isn't much, mainly 8 large (250MB each) files with some meta-data attached. But it's utterly impossible to import all 8 files in one go, I have to split them, into 2 files.

During the import, I took a look at the process, and it turns out that it's first read into a temp folder, then it's copied into the temp/Alfresco folder before it's even possible to click the Ok button on the import page. This process takes several minutes with a 1GB file and it wasn't even possible with a 2GB file, possibly depending on a full file system, but it could be some other limit imposed by Alfresco.

When I click Ok to start the import into the DB, the file gets copied *again* to a third location, which means that an import requires 3x the space of the imported file, and that's not counting the actual end storage in contentstore.

After the import is complete, 2 of the large 1GB files are left in the file system. Why aren't they removed?

Are all those copies really necessary? I seriously doubt it.