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guest access in alfresco

Question asked by flashboss on May 4, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2009 by _sax
I would share how I allow guest access in Alfresco through webscript. Below there are the operations to execute:

- desc.xml files have to get <authentication>guest</authentication>

- All documents must to be in guest home of Alfresco or in a other folder with the same permissions of guest home

- The query for webscript inside get.js or post.js must to be something as: PATH:\"/app:company_home/app:guest_home/*\" using guest_home or other folder with the same permissions

- when we call a webscript we have to add 'guest=true' as parameter in webscript url. Here there is an example:

               "GET", MySpaces.ServiceContext + '/my_url/my_webscript/results?'
             {            })