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Empty Files(0 Byte Files) and Lost Data when using CIFS

Question asked by on Feb 22, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2008 by rkhlin
   I am developing some scripts for some advanced business rules in alfresco community version 2.1.  And have noticed some odd behavior when using CIFS.

The first interesting problem i am having is when using CIFS and i drop a file into a space that has a broken rule attached to it.  I do not get any messages that the file failed to be copy to the folder, instead the file gets created as a 0 byte file.  My issues here, is that their is no feedback is given that the file creation failed, leaving the user to believe the file gets copied.  The Web Client, handles this situation fine, and tells the user that the file could not be created.

The second issue i have found, i believe can lead to data loss on an alfresco system.  The business rule i have created(in a script), looks at the file name and then routes the file to where it is supposed to be stored. The script works fine, I place the file in a folder via CIFS and it never shows up.  I check the destination folder, and the file is there, no problems.  Now if i take and open notepad, and save a blank file to the folder with the routing rule attached to it, i get two files, one in the original location and one in the destination.  Now i take and add something to the file, say just "Hello World" , and i save the file, I do not get any error message saying that file failed to save(I believe it should).  If i then closed the file, and open both the files that where created during the save, neither of them contain the saved content(Hello World).  The data is lost, without any errors message.  To me the business rule script, should only be executed after the file has been closed.

Do you have any suggestions on how I might start triggering some error messages, so I dont end up with any lost data?


P.S. I would like to look at the option to purchase support for alfresco, but neither of my phone calls to the North American sales department have been returned, and neither has the email that i sent to alfresco.