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Create association between 2 nodes using GUID

Question asked by spdaly on May 4, 2009
Latest reply on May 9, 2009 by lyamamot
I am stuck on a Javascript webscript that gets the GUID of a node and needs to create an association to another node.  Here's the scenario:

A "design" is made up of several "art" files.  The webscript's intent is to create the "design" node and associate the "design" node to the "art" nodes that are in the "design."  The client program POSTs all the information to create the "design" node including a list of the associated "art" GUIDs.  I create the "design" node and create all the correct properties.  Now I need to create the associations.  I have the GUIDs, but I'm stuck on how I create ScriptNodes for the "art" nodes so that I have the source/destination for the association.

I found another post that says that creating a ScriptNode is very simple given the GUID.  It links to the JavaScript API doc on the wiki, but I'm completely missing it.

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