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FreeMarker only?

Question asked by berend_tty on May 4, 2009
Does using Alfresco Surf mean you are totally bound to *have* to use FreeMarker for templates and rendering?
The project i am working on demands *JSPs* be used. No FreeMarker whatsoever. Is this possible?
If not, could someone please point me to some examples or documentation showing me how to use JSP templates?
Don't bother with the wiki cause the JSP examples there are mostly empty (especially  the template ones).
I've also checked out the guided examples, but they talk about dashlets. I'm not interested in the Share application, we are looking at making our own site based on Surf. (yes, i know Share is a Surf based app ;) )

What I've done sofar is google for JSP Templates and Alfresco, but i havent found anything that gets me started….

Thanks for your time and comments.