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Problem with permissions over groups(behaviour of heritance)

Question asked by venzia on May 4, 2009
Latest reply on May 8, 2009 by venzia
Hi all, i have the follow scenario :
              |                 |
       Group-A-A              Group-A-B
         |                           |
   Group-A-A-A                    Group-A-B-A

the problem :
A user of the Group-A-A-A upload a file. using a inbound rule, alfresco executes a script that assign read permission only for the top level groups of this group (Group-A-A and GroupA), but if i try with a user of the Group-A-B or Group-A-B-A i can read the document too. I need avoid this behavior. I want to assign read permissions only for top levels groups of the same "branch".
Is this posible through configuration files??
If the answer is no, how can i do it?
Sorry for my poor english.
Thanks a lot!