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Install up and running, can't log in to /share

Question asked by bradleyland on May 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2009 by javaexcel
With the help of my hosting provider (rimuhosting), I've got an Alfresco install running from the WAR distribution using alfresco.war, share.war, and vti-module.amp add-in using the MMT. Here's the catch. We initially installed and set up the DB without vti-module.amp installed, so I'm not sure if we have all the tables we need. So, the timeline looks like this:

* Install Alfresco using alfresco.war, share.war
* Run db_setup
* Log in successfully to /faces side of app
* Attempt login to /share, fail
* Realize vti-module.amp is required
* Apply using MMT
* Attempt login to /share, fail

Any pointers? This is a CentOS 5 VPS with no X-Windows environment, so I'm not sure if the OpenOffice requirement is a fit here. Could use some guidance on where to head next.