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Master list implementation

Question asked by nikes on May 5, 2009
Latest reply on May 6, 2009 by nikes
Hello folks,

I have a requirement to maitain master list for eg., Country,State,City etc..

I want a feature where user can enter new state,City,Country,Client name,Project Name etc in a custom table in alfresco database.

How can I display user interface for this requirement? Do I have to create custom JSP and connect with Alfresco war file?
How can i communicate with database for storing master list data?

Does it require to use web content management forms feature?

I know I can maintain list of value using LIST constraint in data model file, but I want user interface for the same. 

The reason for maintaing master list is that, when user uploads new document, it shows custom properties State,Country,City to be entered.
Selecting Country populates State combo automatically, and selecting State populates cities relating to that state.

I am newbie to Alfresco, so please guide.

Thanks in advance,