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Workflow Implementation With Alfresco

Question asked by tdakanalis on Feb 25, 2008

I have just started to read about Alfresco and I would appreciated if anybody  could give me some general directions about the next steps I have to follow in order to reach my target.

I want to implement some workflows and I want to use Alfresco for the following purposes: 1) design of human interfaces, 2) axis web services calls, 3) document management, 4) database creation

One scenario I have to implement is the submission of some information from the user interface (document + metadata), the transformation of this document in some other form (I have implement a web service for that), the storage of the metadata in the database and the storage of the transformed document in the Alfresco's repository.

What is the steps I have to follow for the above scenario? What features (modules) of the Alfresco I have to use? Is there any similar example?

Thanks in advance for your interest and your help!