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Boolean properties error in 2.9 (bug?)

Question asked by ale_carraro on Feb 26, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2008 by ale_carraro
I'm not sure it is a bug in 2.9, but I've got a template that used working in 2.1 and now is not.

I've defined a boolean property in the model in this way:
             <property name="bw:signedByEveryone">
The javascript workflow engine work as usual, since the default is false, and the workflow set it to true in a step, thenhe node browser say it is true.

But both in the property dialog and in my freemarker template accessing the property gives the Exception:

Error on line 8, column 15 in workspace://SpacesStore/e65a20de-4759-11dc-b55f-6dccf9e3a828
Expecting a boolean (true/false) expression here
Expression["{it.broadwaysolutions}signedByEveryone"] does not evaluate to true/false
it is an instance of freemarker.template.SimpleScalar

The debugger states that the object being evaluated is a SimpleScalar whose value is the String "true"

can anyone tell me if there is a known workaround (or if I'm missing something)?