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Orphaned User Account After a failed delete?

Question asked by kurt2439 on May 5, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2009 by jarrett
I'm having an issue after a user account was created with the same username as an already existing account. Alfresco Explorer then showed two user accounts with the same name. One of the accounts was deleted, but not you cannot update the password to the other account or delete it. You get an error if you try and delete it:

Unable to delete the User object associated with the Person. This is not an error if an external authentication mechanism such as NTLM was previously active.

And if you try and reset the password:

A system error happened during the operation: User name does not exist: mistyh

I'm guessing deleting one of the user names, deleted the system login information this user. Is there some way to reconcile the alfresco explorer user list with the password or user files (wherever this information is stored) so that this user will be deleted from alfresco explorer completely and I can create a new one?

For now I have created a second account with the same username which allows it to work but the user list now shows two of the same accounts.

Help? I've seen other people with similar problems but not a resolution