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Virtualization server via firewall

Question asked by loftux Moderator on Feb 26, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2008 by loftux

I'm trying to get virtualisation to work behind a firewall.
The setup is with both alfresco tomcat and virtulization server on the same machine (debian) with internal ip
The virtualization server has been configured in
to use the ip of firewall (this is not the real IP, I have a real working external IP)
Port forwarding on firewall works for both 8080 and 8180 to the internal ip.

I keep getting this error in the Alfresco.log (no errors in virtualization log)
09:34:56,101 ERROR [org.alfresco.mbeans.VirtServerRegistry] Could not connect to virtualization server: service:jmx:rmi://ignored/jndi/rmi://

This to mee looks like it is Alfresco server connecting back to virtualization server trying to use the external ip.

After a restart (before it just said no webapp defined) with no config changes I can browse the virtual website using the preview functionality

Can I specify rmi to connect using another ip adress? Or would it be sufficient to just use an entry in /etc/hosts with pointing to internal ip?


Peter Löfgren