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Read-only replicated server difficulties

Question asked by johnwalsh on Feb 26, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2008 by cbosdonnat

I have two Alfresco servers, and am using rsync and mysql replication to replicate the master to the slave. The slave is set to read-only. I'm running into a series of bootstrap problems where I need to change Java bootstrap routines to not do the bootstrap operation if the instance is in read-only mode. So far, I've changed, and to wrap the functional parts of the bootstrap routines in "if (!transactionService.isReadOnly())" statements. The bootstrap operations in question are trying to affect changes to the repository and are failing because the repository is read-only.

I assume more classes will need changing before I'm done, and/or that something I'm commenting out will cause other problems that I'll have to deal with.

Is there a simpler way to make Alfresco replication with a read-only slave work? Have others done this?

FWIW: here's the way I'm setting the slave to read-only: alfresco/domain/
server.transaction.mode.readOnly=PROPAGATION_REQUIRED, readOnly
server.transaction.mode.default=PROPAGATION_REQUIRED, readOnly