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Slightly confused about....

Question asked by albertramsbottom on May 6, 2009
Latest reply on May 6, 2009 by mikeh
a couple of things

I am using the labs version and have managed to get it up and running.

Firstly, I am confused about some of the documentation with regards to the fuctionality of Alfresco.

This states that I can have Wikis, blogs and a calender but I cant seem to find out how, any ideas?

And secondly, Is there a way I can customise a space, becuase I would like a header that explains what a space is for. Currently all I can do is create spaces with spaces inside of them but cannot anywhere write what the spaces are for. Is there not a simple html summary tool so I can have departmental spaces with a header that introduces the department?

Cheers for any help

Sorry but i posted this in another forum but realised that it was the wrong one