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run CMLDelete before CMLCreate

Question asked by bparis on May 6, 2009
Latest reply on May 6, 2009 by bparis

I need to upload a content into the repository via webservices.  
The first time the upload is done, it is ok with the ws services API CMLCreate and WebServiceFactory.getRepositoryService().update.
Once the content already exists in the repository, I get a DuplicateChildNodeNameException exception I can understand…, so I think I am to first delete the existing file using CMLDelete and WebServiceFactory.getRepositoryService().update, then create the new one with
CMLCreate and WebServiceFactory.getRepositoryService().update.

Is there a mean to put both CML (delete and create) in a same CML script, so that the CMLDelete will be executed before the CMLCreate ?