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Really need help. quite Urgent

Question asked by joksy on May 6, 2009
Latest reply on May 7, 2009 by joksy
Hi Guys  :cry:  :cry:

I really need some help because i va tried a lot of things for achieve my goal but, nothing happen.

The point is: When a user update some property in a file i have the rule which run a js script. This work very good if are all properties of the content. But nothing happen if the user update an association. And this i clear because in the repository there are class like
but there is no class which trigger rule on association change. The point is that exist the interface which if it will added to the policyComponent with a behavior, after an association change the method is called. So wow when this method will be called I run the script. But sorry guys I fail every time. Below i post all my code/try I hope that someone can help me.


public class ExcuteScriptOnAssociationUpdtate
      implements NodeServicePolicies.OnDeleteAssociationPolicy, NodeServicePolicies.OnCreateAssociationPolicy {

   private PolicyComponent policyComponent;
   private NodeService nodeService;
   private ActionService actionService;

   private Behaviour onDeleteAssocs,onCreateAssocs;
   public void onDeleteAssociation(AssociationRef ar) {

   public void onCreateAssociation(AssociationRef ar) {

        NodeRef nodeRef = ar.getSourceRef();

         NodeRef scriptRef = new NodeRef(….no idea to get the script );

        //this.actionService.executeAction(action, nodeRef);
   public void init(){
      onCreateAssocs = new JavaBehaviour(this,"onCreateAssociation",NotificationFrequency.EVERY_EVENT);
      onDeleteAssocs = new JavaBehaviour(this,"onDeleteAssociation",NotificationFrequency.EVERY_EVENT);
            , "onCreateAssociation",
            , "onDeleteAssociation",


   public PolicyComponent getPolicyComponent() {
      return policyComponent;

   public void setPolicyComponent(PolicyComponent policyComponent) {
      this.policyComponent = policyComponent;

   public NodeService getNodeService() {
      return nodeService;

   public void setNodeService(NodeService nodeService) {
      this.nodeService = nodeService;

   public ActionService getActionService() {
      return actionService;

   public void setActionService(ActionService actionService) {
      this.actionService = actionService;


spring bean config

<bean id="assocsBehavior" class="classpath.ExcuteScriptOnAssociationUpdtate" init-method="init">
   <property name="nodeService">
      <ref bean="nodeService"/>
   <property name="policyComponent">
      <ref bean="policyComponent"/>
   <property name="actionService">
      <ref bean="actionService"/>

an other attempts is to extend on of the existing class but…..  :?:

public class OnContentAssocUpdate extends OnPropertyUpdateRuleTrigger //extends OnContentUpdateRuleTrigger
implements NodeServicePolicies.OnDeleteAssociationPolicy, NodeServicePolicies.OnCreateAssociationPolicy {

   public void onUpdateProperties(NodeRef arg0, Map<QName, Serializable> arg1,
         Map<QName, Serializable> arg2) {
      super.onUpdateProperties(arg0, arg1, arg2);
       List<ChildAssociationRef> parentsAssocRefs = this.nodeService.getParentAssocs(arg0);
         for (ChildAssociationRef parentAssocRef : parentsAssocRefs)
             triggerRules(parentAssocRef.getParentRef(), arg0);
         triggerRules(arg0, arg0); 

   public void onDeleteAssociation(AssociationRef nodeAssocRef) {

   public void onCreateAssociation(AssociationRef nodeAssocRef) {
           List<ChildAssociationRef> parentsAssocRefs = this.nodeService.getParentAssocs(nodeAssocRef.getSourceRef());
            for (ChildAssociationRef parentAssocRef : parentsAssocRefs)
                triggerRules(parentAssocRef.getParentRef(), nodeAssocRef.getSourceRef());
            triggerRules(nodeAssocRef.getSourceRef(), nodeAssocRef.getSourceRef());

   public void registerRuleTrigger() {
      this.policyComponent.bindAssociationBehaviour(QName.createQName(NamespaceService.ALFRESCO_URI, "onCreateAssociation"), this,
            new JavaBehaviour(this, "onCreateAssociation"));

      this.policyComponent.bindAssociationBehaviour(QName.createQName(NamespaceService.ALFRESCO_URI, "onDeleteAssociation"), this,
            new JavaBehaviour(this, "onDeleteAssociation"));



Thanks guys

Best Regards.