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A Space or File with that name already exists:

Question asked by worsin on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2008 by mabayona
I am very new to Alfresco and am having some problems with uploading certain files and creating certain spaces.

I get the above error when i try to create some folders in one of my spaces.

This doesn't happen with all names i choose.

for example i try and add the space New Logos and i get…

A Space or File with that name already exists: New Logos

yet i can see there is no space with that name.  I have even deleted all my trash and still get the error.

This also happens with some files that i try and upload, it thinks its already there and it is not.

I really would like to use Alfresco but im sorry to say its far from user friendly so far and i seem to have nothing but problems with it.

If someone can help me i would appreciate it otherwise its off to Sharepoint.