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Restricting the users from creating the spaces?

Question asked by ganesh.boil on May 7, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2009 by norgan
Hi team,
I want to restrict the users to create the spaces from his home space. is it possible?
what i want exactly is the admin can create a user and assign a space to the user as home space. And the user should use that space only and he should not create a subspaces in that. How can i achieve this one in alfresco labs 3.0 stable version.

for that what i did is, i just login with an admin and created a user and assigned a space to him.
And in that space "Manage space user" section i just assign a role of "Consumer" to that particular user and deselect the
"inhert parent permissions" as well. Now login with the user which i have been created and click on "My Company" button then i'm able to create the subspaces as well. is it bug??? why because consumer having only the role of READ but how he can create the space inside a space.

can anyone help me in that.

Thanks for your support.