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Lucene Index Backup Issue?

Question asked by kurt2439 on May 7, 2009
Latest reply on May 7, 2009 by kurt2439
Is this something I should be very worried about?

03:00:00,306  ERROR [quartz.core.ErrorLogger] Job (DEFAULT.indexBackupJobDetail threw an exception.
org.quartz.SchedulerException: Job threw an unhandled exception. [See nested exception: org.alfresco.error.AlfrescoRuntimeException: Failed to copy Lucene in
dex root:
   Index root: /opt/services/mandaladesigns/alf_data/lucene-indexes
   Target: /opt/services/mandaladesigns/alf_data/backup-lucene-indexes]

Anyone seen this or know why it happens? It apparently happens when starting the tomcat server

Later on in the error output it says:

Caused by: Unable to delete file: /opt/services/mandaladesigns/