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Problem with changing UUID using WebDAV

Question asked by sancho78 on Feb 28, 2008
Hi all,

we are using alfresco internal at our office and on an external machine hosted by our provider.  Both installations are on the same os, mysql and so on.

We wrote an extension which logs timestamp, folder and creator when somebody is uploading new content via webdav. For uniqueness we keep the uuid in our database, so on moving or editing no entry in the log will be done.

And here's the problem:
If we use this with our internal server via webdav no problems occur. The uuid stays always the same even on moving or renaming via webdav. Logging the collected data works like a charm. But if we do exactly the same on our hosted server via webdav the uuid changes on every move or rename operation. First I thougt it could be a proxy, frontend reverse proxy or ssl problem. But even when accessing the hosted server directly through the internet (no firewall, no proxy and no frontend reverse proxy) the problem stays the same. The uuid changes on all operations. Interesting behaviour is that on tunneling the webdav traffic through ssh no problem occurs. So on my machine I talk virtually to localhost:8080. In this case everything is fine again…

At the moment I have no idea why this happens. I spent a lot of hours for investigating this issue but couldn't find neither a solution nor something what is causing this. Hints or other ideas for investigating this are appreciated.