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Document Name as Hyperlink

Question asked by urshah on May 7, 2009
Latest reply on May 13, 2009 by urshah
i am using Labs 3 and share.

We currently have all documents in share, but now have a need where some of the documents actually need to be physically stored in another databases for tracking purposes.
i would still like to have a record of that document in share with tags etc…, but when a user clicks on the document name it actually gets it from the secondary location and opens it in native form.

how can i accomplish this in Alfresco. if i have to modify the document properties in the web client i can.
the final behaviour i am looking for a user can search for the document in share based on a user friendly document name, use tags to find it, but then they click on the name, instead of opening a preview, it opens the document from the secondary document repository.

Anyone know how i could accomplish this?