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Deploying Alfresco 2.9b & Liferay 4.4.2

Question asked by ericc on Feb 28, 2008
I try to follow this tutorial [ ] but without success.

My Alfresco .war is deployed in my webapp folder but when I try to use the "Add Application" I don't see this :
# AlfrescoMyTasks
# AlfrescoDocList -
# AlfrescoMySpacesbe
# AlfrescoMyWebForms
# AlfrescoMyWebFiles

I check in Tomcat but there is no error.

This interest me a lot but impossible to made it work. I try on different version (even if the 2.9b is my main target).

(I use Liferay 4.4.2 & Alfresco 2.9b, tomcat 5.5 and i'm under win XP)