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AuthorityService: problem removing an authority group

Question asked by sergio on Feb 29, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2008 by sergio

It is not totally clear to me how to create and delete a GROUP (authority group) using the AuthorityService Java class.

Creating a GROUP using the createAuthority(AuthorityType.GROUP,parentGroupName,groupName) method works: a new GROUP is created and visibile into Alfresco.

Deleting a GROUP using the deleteAuthority(groupName) seems not to work as I thought. The group previously created using the createAuthority() method still remains in the repository as is visibile in the web administration console. Why? Maybe the procedure of deleting a GROUP is different and more complex?

Taking a look at another prevoius post

Andy says that "The authority is deleted via the node serivce", but what does it mean exactly? Should I delete a GROUP authority using the nodeService instead of the authorityService?

Some clarification will be very appreciated.

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