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ChainingAuthenticationServiceImpl problems with EE 2.2.0 BET

Question asked by sbzoom on Feb 29, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2008 by sbzoom
I have downloaded the 2.2.0 beta for enterprise users and am having a problem.
I have documented this problem by creating a JIRA issue:

After about 2 days, the issue was closed and the developer said the issue was
resolved.  But, there has been no explanation about the issue.

- If the issue is resolved, where can I get the fix?

- From what I can see in SVN, the issue is not resolved at all.
   - It actually looks like nothing has been done.
   - I pointed to a specific file where I can see where the error is
      and that file has not changed in SVN at all.
   - Possibly, the issue is resolved in some other fashion, which would
      be fine; but there has been no explanation.

Here is the file in SVN that is causing the problem with using any other AuthenticationService
except the default AuthenticationServiceImpl:

There are three *Service variables declared at the top of the file, two of them are
wrong and need to be fixed.

    private TransactionServiceImpl transactionService;
    private AuthenticationServiceImpl authenticationService;
    private LinkValidationService linkValidationService;

This should be coded as follows:

    private TransactionService transactionService;
    private AuthenticationService authenticationService;
    private LinkValidationService linkValidationService;

The TransactionService and the AuthenticationService are supposed call the interface
and not the default implementing class.  Because of this, if any other class that
implements either of those two interfaces is used, errors are thrown and Alfresco
DOES NOT START.  So, currently, I have a version of Alfresco that does not even start.

I am simply hoping for an explanation about this issue.

  - The problem is fixed but the changes are not reflected in SVN yet.
  - The problem is fixed in a different way (that doesn't make much sense).
  - The problem has not actually been fixed


Charlie Harvey