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can't set CIFS file timestamps

Question asked by fuwt on May 8, 2009
My specific problem is that I can't set timestamps on files shared through Alfresco CIFS. I've tried mounting on linux and 'touch -t'ing and mounting on Windows and updating the timestamp.  Both methods work fine with Windows CIFS shares and Samba CIFS shares, so I don't suspect it's the tools I'm using (touch, rsync, robocopy, etc.).

The more general problem is that I have an existing Windows CIFS file server that I'm migrating to alfresco.  I copy from the local NTFS filesystem to the Alfresco mapped drive.  File copy is fine, but it doesn't preserve timestamps, and I can't go back and set them properly.  I need to preserve the original timestamps.  Is there a better way to migrate the files?

Thanks all!