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Memory Leak...

Question asked by mfishm1 on May 8, 2009
Hi,  I was wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions.  I am using the Alfresco Labs 3 Stable edition and I am having a problem with a memory leak.  My configuration is as follows:

1.  I am running alfresco stand alone in its own tomcat service which I have configured with 2G of ram
2.  My OS is Linux Redhat AS 4
3.  My java is jdk 1.6
4.  I have added in most of the suggested VM configurations sited in:

5.  I am loading files into alfresco using FTP and updating the metadata with webscripts

I begin to see problems as my repository fills up (I currently have maybe 1T of data and 130k of nodes in my repository).

When I do a heap dump of my memory after I get the OutOfMemoryError,  the majority of the memory seems to be associated with Lucene.  Most of the memory is held in byte[] 's that I can trace back through a object hierarchy including RAMFile, CompoundFileReader,  and eventually a ThreadLocalMap.

I have found a reference to something that sounds a lot like my problem at :

Unfortunately, while it references a similar sounding problem, and even talks about it being fixed, there is no reference of a version it was fixed in or, if not, how someone could patch this problem themselves.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Has anyone else run into a similar problem? 

Thanks a lot.