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web project problems

Question asked by cslaci on May 10, 2009
Latest reply on May 10, 2009 by mrogers
Hi there

I am a student, and therefore I don’t understand a lot of thing around WCM, but I have to learn it. So sorry for that question, but I don’t understand some things.
1. I try to create a new web project. There are few steps in wizzard, but in the second step, its asking me for the host name. I can either put IP our name there, but it is possible, if I just use localhost on my local PC and it should work??! Or not?
This is my 1. web project and I inserted these as fallows: it was ASR not FSR
-   Type: Live Server / Test server (I tried both  :x )
-   Host: localhost
-   User name and psw was already filled out and that’s all

2. in the configure web forms section, I can put my own forms there. Its just a simple XML scheme? What tags I have to use there, and where can I found those syntax? An example?

I am done whit the creation, I go to the project, try to preview website, I got a new window but whit

WHAT IS THIS and  How do I get that?

Thanks a lot for reading, and  if You can, pls describe it. :P