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Migrating Linux/HSQLDB install to Windows/MySQL

Question asked by musper on Mar 3, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2009 by ashokkumarc
I had a rough night wrestling with Alfresco migration from Ubuntu 7.10/HSQLDB to Win/MySQL.

Here are the links and steps which I've took to get complete repository migrated between mentioned two systems.

1.    Migrating from HSQL
2.    Export complete source Repository via Alfresco Web Client Administration Console
3.  Bootstrap destination Repository from ACP files exported from Full Export
I've started alf_start.bat and all I've got was server output with many errors, obviously failing to start. I was feeling lucky and googled
"java.sql.SQLException: Field 'ID' doesn't have a default value" error, after I've found:
4.  Visit all the tables in MySQL Administrator and switch on AUTO_INCREMENT for the primary keys where they are a single ID (long) value.
Then I've imported a copy of alf_data from my linux install
5.  /alf_data imported to fresh windows alfresco install

6. removed file restore-context.xml from /alfresco/extension and /alfresco/extension/restore folder

Started alf_start.bat just to get a fully working copy of my linux repository running smoothly on windows server.

Hope this isn't sanctioned, and maybe helps someone.