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Import ACP NodeLockedException 2.1 -> 3.0.0

Question asked by tomedward on May 11, 2009
Just in case anyone else is desperately stuck in awkward NodeLockedException errors in which the importing Alfresco claims that it has locked nodes in the acp file it just is importing … we figured out - what we think - is the reason:

Obviously files which were not "checked out" (check in / check out) are making trouble when being exported in acps and even make more trouble when being imported in another Alfresco, in our case 3.0.0. Since we had different acps file size from the same folder, we believe, that the export procedure already in some way fails and leaves files behind. So make sure for any folder you export and import to search for files which are locked (lock symbol) by a "check in" from a user first! You can use the search function, since Alfresco always adds a special string to these files, like "work copy" or similar.

After we removed all "check in"-locks, export went smooth in the meaning that it seems we got all files exported this time and the import then also worked out flawless.

Took us days to bring it down to this cause, hope this post can help to save lifetime ;-)