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associating the webforms with xml files

Question asked by prabhakaran on May 12, 2009
Hi ,

I have created a webform and added the webforms to a webproject in an alfresco instance. Also I have created webpage using the webform.

To make the same structure in another alfresco server, i followed the below steps.

1. Export the webform named subchannel (Includes children and Include space option  ) as an .acp file.
2. Download and zip the webpages(xml file and html ) to the local machine using 'download content' option.
3. Install the websitetools.amp file in the new alfresco server.
4. Import the .acp file to the new alfrecso instance.
5. Create a new webproject.
6. Associate the imported webforms to the Webproject
5. Bulk Import the content.
6. Run the website analysis tool by selecting mywebproject –> Action —> Websitetools(After installing the above amp file i got his option in webproject.)
7. It doesnt show any recommendations.

My problem comes here,

I couldnt able to open the downloaded content as an webcontent in the webclient UI.Still it is opening as an document.

What else i have to do ….

Anyone help me ASAP…