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Custom Workflow Amp file

Question asked by cgonzalez on Mar 5, 2008
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2008 by cgonzalez

I have succesfully add a custom workflow to alfresco. But now i want to add the same workflow using a amp file. The structure of the amp file is as follow:


The new module deploy good, but the workflow is not defined.

I have edited the bootstrap-content.xml as follow:

  <bean id="scs.workflowBootstrap" parent="workflowDeployer">
    <property name="workflowDefinitions">
          <prop key="engineId">jbpm</prop>
          <prop key="location">alfresco/module/myModuleId/workflow/myWorkflow_processdefinition.xml</prop>
          <prop key="mimetype">text/xml</prop>
          <prop key="redeploy">true</prop>
    <property name="models">
    <property name="labels">


The workflow files are the same that i have been using before, so they work fine. Should i edit any other files?

Anyone has any idea?