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Charset or encoding issue, please help!

Question asked by sergi.l on May 12, 2009
Latest reply on May 12, 2009 by sergi.l
Hi all,

I have successfully deployed my web scripts to my Tomcat instance and everything's fine. However, the problems appear when deploying the same code to JBoss.
Everything is fine except for the webscript encoding (or charset, I have no idea…)

For the following web script definition:
  <description>Generate the Spaces portlet page</description>

I'm sending that (from another web script):
http :// URL:8080/alfresco/service/ui/sosspaces?f=0&p=%2FCompany%20Home%2FTests%2FMyTest%20-%20Num1%2FRegion%20My%20Region%2FNew%20consultation%2FMar%C3%ADa

That's to say, for the second parameter: /Company Home/Tests/MyTest - Num1/Region/My Region/New consultation/María

And then, whereas Tomcat is receiving correctly the parameter: /Company Home/Tests/MyTest - Num1/Region/My Region/New consultation/María
The same code deployed in JBoss is receiving:                           /Company Home/Tests/MyTest - Num1/Region/My Region/New consultation/MarÃa

Why the "%2F" characters are recognized as "/" or "%20" as space character, but "%C3%ADa" is not the "í" character???

This webscript tries to retrieve the path's content and is failing because it can't be found. How can I fix it?? Is a JBoss configuration issue?? Must I set the charset or enconding of my web scripts? How?