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Restore corrupted system

Question asked by wit on Mar 6, 2008
After Alfresco installation we have worked in it some days. Then after couple of days on backuping some other system due to incorrect script we have deleted some files in Alfreso install dir. Now we can't startup it correctly. We have running MySQL Alfresco database and undeleted some Alfresco binary files (xml, sh, class etc).

Which way is the best way now to restore our system?

If we'll  reinstall Alfresco skipping database creation and then create link to existing DB - will Alfresco running with all current content (spaces, contents, user, groups etc?)

Can we install 2 alfresco instance near that instance (/opt/alfresco2 near /opt/alfresco)? Or will be /var/lib/alfresco files overwritten?