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[Enterprise][2.2 SP2][index] Problems with lucene index

Question asked by jeango on May 13, 2009
I have a strange behavior with my lucene queries atm:
when I do a search on some spaces or files, sometimes they are found and sometimes they aren't.  It happens over periods of time, so i could get the item 50 times in a row without problems, but when trying later, lucene wouldn't find it.  This behavior is identical if I type a lucene query in the node browser or if I use the built-in search field in the web client.

I tried to solve the problem by restarting alfresco with index.recovery.mode=AUTO but in the logs of the restart I don't find any mention of index recovery (not even saying that there was no need to re-index).

Any Idea or leads that might get me to the reasons of this behavior?