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Invite email not generating login credentials

Question asked by paxdominus on May 13, 2009

I'm trying to set up Share to demo it for my department. When trying the "Invite" feature to get myself a login, it will email me, but it won't send any username/password. It just says that I've been invited and that if I want to participate to click on a URL. If I do, it takes me to the Share login page, but I have nothing to login with. When I do login with the Admin account, I see that the account has been created, but there's no way to actually get to it. If I send an invitation to another account (a gmail one), I get the Username (well, number) and password, but not to my primary account. Since most of the folks who would be using this would be on the same domain for email as I am, what can I do to force the Invite to generate the username/password?