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Need help on how to use Alfresco

Question asked by narenn on May 13, 2009
Latest reply on May 27, 2009 by mdutoo
My background has pretty much been in J2EE and Application servers.  Portal servers and CMS are new though i understand the concepts to some extent. I also know from reliable sources that portal servers are not scalable, particularly if concurrency requirements are very high. What would one do if portal server (with portlet technology) was a natural fit for a project but could not realistically be used due to performance limitations.  I have an idea, but need some help in confirming it.

Can i use regular J2EE stack (app servers),  Rich Internet application framework (AJAX etc) and CMS like alfresco and pretty much do what i can do with portal server does.  On paper i know this would work , and each of the 3 significant components can be managed independently. In other words for example if i use the portal server to create virtual portals (essential white labeling) i can create simple HTML, Velocity etc templates and store them in CMS like alfresco to allowing authoring,  Use APIs exposed by CMS to identify appropriate template for a specific Web site and render it to the browser ar run time,  and once the template is rendered the RIA framework will get data from the backend using Web services or any other traditional mechanisms.  Each template will have links for stylesheets, static content within the CMS (or cached content on web servers).   What's wrong with this approach?  Need your advise, good or bad.