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Speed up authentication?

Question asked by hbf on Mar 9, 2008

Is there a way to speed up authentication, for instance by tuning ehcache or some other configuration setting?

I am using Alfresco as the backend of a website and create a transaction for every request:

      long startTime = System.nanoTime();
      UserTransaction transaction = transactionService.getNonPropagatingUserTransaction();
      authenticationService.authenticate(login, password.toCharArray()); // (*)
      logger.fatal("createAndBeginAuthenticatedTransaction took "+(System.nanoTime() - startTime)/1.0e6);

This takes at least 5.5ms and the call (*) to authenticate needs 4.5ms of these.

It is almost always the same user logging in (anonymous access) and we only have a dozen users so far.


P.S. I am using 2.9b.