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Issue with Lucene Field query with 'No' value

Question asked by albergquist on May 14, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2013 by qsdmv
In Alfresco 2.1 and 3.1, the Lucene search does not return content on a field search where the property value is 'No', 'no' or 'NO'.   
For example, the query  below does not return any results when I have content with Author specified as "No".  This same query works correctly for other author values.

I have tested this from a custom webscript using the SearchService, the Node Browser Search and the Advanced Search in Alfresco Explorer (using 'No*' since three characters are required).  I have also tested 'NOT Yes' and other similar searches on the particular field with no success. 
Can anyone explain this behavior?  Is it a limitation in Lucene?  I noticed the following forum which seemed it has a chance to be related: