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Cannot copy files with WebDAV

Question asked by cwalker on May 16, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by somaye

I'm not able to copy files from my Vista laptop hard drive to an Alfresco WebDAV mapped drive.  When I drag-and-drop or copy the files, I get a "request method not implemented" message displayed in a Vista dialog box after a few minutes. In the alfresco.log, the following message is written. 

09:34:16,198 ERROR [org.alfresco.webdav.protocol] WebDAV method not implemented - PROPPATCH

Alfresco Final Labs 3.1 is hosted on Tomcat 6 / MySQL / Fedora 10.  The Linux server looks in order.  There's no swapping or excessive CPU use and the network connectivity is responsive.  I've performed this operation before from the laptop before, but there have been several Windows updates since I last tried.

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