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open/edit/save documents

Question asked by olaf123 on May 18, 2009
Hi !

I don't understand how I can open/edit/save documents in alfreco web-Interface:

Is it not possible to open, edit and save files (OpenOffice) directly ?
I found only the possibility to download the file, save it on my local disc, edit, save, and upload it to alfresco. I can't believe that these steps are the right way for doing this  :shock:

The "View in WebDAV"-Link opens something like
http://DOMAIN:8080/alfresco/webdav/User%20Homes/NAME/FILENAME.ods    but this is not a correct webdav-link, I think. (webdav:// …)

And "View in CIFS" is not correct, too:

Where can I edit these paths ?

My System: alfresco 3, OpenSuse 11.0, Firefox 3, konqueror (KDE4)