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How to remotely process/parse a queue in Alfresco (CMIS?)

Question asked by alexr on May 19, 2009
Latest reply on May 20, 2009 by mrogers
I am trying to determine a best practice for a remote server application to process a queue in Alfresco.

In Documentum a common solution was to parse the dmi_queue_item on the remote server through a query:
select stamp from dmi_queue_item where name = '<<specific render process name here>>' and delete_flag = False;

From the document (node) that is related to a specific dmi_queue_item entry (i.e. the document to be processed) the application
needs to access custom attributes.

1.) What would be the common way to do this in Alfresco?
- Populating the queue in Alfresco
- Parsing the queue on the remote server and setting a delete_flag like semaphore on items that have been processed.

2.) How does the Alfresco queue mechanism relate to a task/workflow in Alfresco?

3.) Does the current CMIS support this kind of solution (Alfresco Labs 3.2)? Closest thing to DQL would be the CMIS query (CQL) But then of course it would also have to support retrieving custom attributes
and not only reading the queue but also setting a semaphore, uploading a rendition to the document or a changed version of a document.