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Question asked by luuzz on May 19, 2009
Hello Everybody,
I am new in using Alfresco and i find it outstanding!!
I have to develop an application with its own business requirements. There are a lot of document management in it that's why in plan to use alfresco but simply as a document repository. I will develop my own web client.
My first module is Mailing Management where a user enters an incoming mail, scan the papers and upload it in the repository.
But this mail is in relation with other entities in the application, the users for example.
So i plan not to define an "mailing"  entity in my business model and instead, use a custom model in alfresco. but only for the mailing entity.
Is it a good approch or should i define the entity in both models , the business specif one and the alfresco one.
Sorry for my poor english …
Thank you