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Office 2003 sp3 alfresco plugin problems on windows xp sp3

Question asked by milesif on May 19, 2009
Latest reply on May 20, 2009 by milesif
I installed a vmware test machine with windows xp 2003 sp3 and office 2003 sp3. My labs 3 stable version alfresco server uses Alfresco authentication chained with kerberos + AD SSO and it works like a charm. From my xp machine I can access the CIFS shares and the web client without further authentication (both with IE7 and FF).

I then installed the alfresco addin for office. I tried both version alfresco-labs-office2003-addins-3Stable and alfresco-labs-office2003-addins-3.2_Preview2_dev versions, but I have the following problems with both:
1. I have to install the plugin for each user accessing my xp client, otherwise that user cannot see the alfresco toolbar.
2. When I open a Word document and try to configure the Web client url I am asked for a login and a password (I think this should not happen).I tried both the credentials of an AD user and those of an Alfresco user without success (I get an Alfresco Office Add-In dialog box saying: "Couldn't authenticate with Alfresco server"). It seems that, because I cannot authenticate succesfully, I cannot access the functionalities of the alfresco toolbar (I keep seeing a blank space). Note that if I use only Alfresco authentication (no chaining with kerberos +AD), authentication works fine and I can use the toolbar, while if I use only kerberos+AD authentication I have the same problem.

Another problem, not related to the Office plugin, arise when I map to a CIFS share a space that is not the alfresco root space. I have the following spaces Alfresco/User Homes/MyUser/MyUserFolder. If I map the Alfresco space to Z:\, I have no problems. If I map the Alfresco/UserHomes or Alfresco/User Homes/MyUser spaces to Z:\, if I try to see the details of a file belonging to a subspace, dropping it on the corresponding icon, I get the message "error: No parameters for action". If I map the Alfresco/User Homes/MyUser/MyUserFolder space to Z:\, if I try to see the details of a file belonging to a subspace, dropping it on the corresponding icon, I get the message "error: Not a valid alfresco CIFS folder". It seems I cannot map anything apart from the root folder, if I want to use desktop actions.

I saw problem number 1 and 2 in previous posts, related to older version of alfresco and the plugin, but I could not get a working solution out af them. Please help me, if you have any idea about what is going on.

Thanks in advance, ciao Francesco