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Removing the 'Supplied free of' text bottom of all pages

Question asked by javauser007 on May 20, 2009
Latest reply on May 21, 2009 by javauser007
Hi Alfrescoins,
As part of customization i want to remove the bottom text available in all the pages of alfresco labs 3.0 stable.
Supplied free of charge with no support, no certification, no maintenance, no warranty and no indemnity by Alfresco or its Certified Partners. Click here for support. Alfresco Software Inc. © 2005-2009 All rights reserved.

And the left image and right images to this text.

I try to find the jsp which contains the above text. Unfortunately my search engine is not able to find it out.
Can anyone tell me how to remove these text and images?

Thanks for ur support.