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checkout specialised subtypes with child associations

Question asked by iblanco on May 20, 2009
Hi everyone:

I have created a subtype called bnv:invoice that inherits from cm:content, well in fact it inherits from bnv:content, which in turn inherits from cm:content .

This type has this child association:

  <child-association name="bnv:taxes">

Everything seems to work fine but after a checkout of the document I am unable to make the checkin of the working copy. The error messages says:

ERROR [org.alfresco.web.ui.common.Utils] Unable to check in Content Node due to system error:Duplicate child name not allowed: 8453d80f-b9a2-46d9-9276-630056bcf3b6

Its obvius that the error is related to the association itself, but I don't understand very well if its just a model definition issue or if Alfresco is unable to manage the checkout of custom subtypes. Any idea about this ?