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[luceneSearch] problem with returning BIG number of nodes

Question asked by serverok on May 20, 2009
Hi All,

I have this problem:
we have ~50k nodes (to the end of year we plan to add another ~50k) in Alfresco. When we use luceneSearch to:
1) searching nodes by some attribute and the number of nodes in result is BIG (10k-50k)
2) or need to return list of all nodes
we got a problem - luceneSearch return different numbers of nodes and this number of nodes is very small - if number of nodes MUST be 50k we can got in luceneSearch result 1k-6k. And every time the number of nodes is different.
With small list of nodes we don't have this problems, but if we try work with big part or all nodes we got this problem.

How to allow (or maybe we need to change some setting in config files) luceneSearch "to work" with all nodes, not only with small part of them?